Founder & CEO

Michael Burke

Founder and Managing Director
Arabian Escapes Real Estate

CEO Message

A highly experienced bi-lingual Managing Partner, Entrepreneur and a philanthropist with over 15 years international experience with building successful businesses in niche areas.

Having completed my BSC in Economics & Finance, I began my career within Supply Chain Management, building an excellent foundation of the corporate world.

In 2005, and wanting to expand my career on an international scale, I made the strategic decision to move to Dubai where I have recognised several niche opportunities and have created several highly successful businesses.

With a results driven and entrepreneurial approach, I have been able to ensure commercial success when creating and delivering corporate objectives even in challenging economical environments.

Now with extensive expertise in creating and managing a group of companies with multiple divisions and over 91 employees, based in the UAE, GCC, ME, Europe and Africa, demonstrable experience with business growth and business development, I am continuously looking for ways to explore niche markets.

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About company

We are a registered company with the Dubai Economic Department under commercial license no. 1015061. Luxury Escapes is also registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) No. 28742.


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